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Quantrack Consulting is an spin-off founded by several marketing and business professors at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, one of the top business & economics universities in Europe. Our members form a red of international researchers in marketing, management and quantitative tools, and have also co-authored the Quantum e-learning software for marketing and management training.


Our team includes university professors, Ph.D.s and independent researchers from other institutions, some research companies, former CEOs and consultants. Our members are experts in quantitative analysis, strategic planning and customer and brand financial valuation.


Our analysts have developed models for a variety of industries, including energy, beverage, automobile, financial services, beauty and cosmetics, tourism and media. We use taylored tools for marketing, management and finance decision making, controlling the effects of adopted decisions and coaching your company.

We offer speeches, seminars and tailored courses for corporate clients on strategic marketing, finance and management areas, including CRM and brand valuation.

We also accept research sponsorship. As a sponsor, your employees can actively participate and benefit from the Quantrack Consulting activities.


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