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QUANTUM: An International Marketing Strategic Game

The Quantum International Marketing Strategic Game is designed around a core set concepts needed to develop decision making skills in marketing in today’s business environment. These concepts include customer segmentation and target marketing, market demand and market share, product life cycle and product positioning, pricing and cost structure, sales effort, marketing communication efficiency and effectiveness, customer loyalty, and competitive activity. The marketing profession requires that marketing managers understand these concepts and have sufficient skills to apply them in dynamic, competitive environments.

While traditional education provides knowledge about core concepts in marketing quickly, it develops decision-making skills slowly. For example, case analyses and discussions require much time and much repetition before skills reach a satisfactory level. Case analyses and discussions also produce decisions whose consequences can never be known. In contrast, Quantum quickly develops a way of thinking about marketing problems and marketing opportunities, a decision making process that is logical and data driven, and an appreciation for the consequences of good and bad decisions.

Quantum is based on the best analytical models for marketing decision making, combining academic rigour with managerial experience in international markets. Quantum requires that participants:

  • Focus on target segments and their specific product needs.
  • Conduct market research and interpret research results.
  • Recognize the need to develop and launch new products in a timely manner.
  • Standardize or adapt products serving different international markets.
  • Consider complete marketing programs, in managerial and strategic terms.

Quantum is dynamic, based on collective decisions of competing companies. Quantum is vivid, providing explicit results of past decisions. Quantum is motivating in terms of competition and participant satisfaction. In short, Quantum is an ideal tool for a marketing profession that is rapidly evolving in the face of dynamic international networks and frequent technology breakthroughs.

Quantum is perfectly suited to an e-learning environment. The program is compact (requiring less than 10 MB for the Instructor version and 4 MB for the Student version) completely compatible in recent Windows environments having a recent version of Java, and perfectly suited to Intranet operations. Quantum can be used with undergraduate students, post-graduate students, and executives by setting various levels of complexity.

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